B & M Auto Repair

Rob Briggs and Troy Medeiros have been in the automotive repair business for over a combined 50 years. Their knowledge is unmatched and when they decided open their new repair shop in North Venice, Florida, they needed a brand to complement their expertise. Technically, Rob and Troy are taking over an existing garage, but the previous owner made a living from his loyal customers and never really marketed his shop. Rob and Troy want to expand on this loyal customer base in order to help service more people in their community. Rob explained that he wanted to be the “go-to local guys” in the area -- somewhere you don’t have to worry about compromising price for service. The new auto shop would be called B & M Auto Repair. The goal was to create a logo that is consistent, modern and eye appealing to be used over multiple advertising channels.

Rob also gave some other specifications he’d like for the logo. First, the name (B & M) had to stand out. Second, they didn’t want the design to be “corporate” but rather local. And finally they wanted to use colors that would appeal to women just as much as men. So as I began sketching, I kept these things in mind and came up with three solid drafts.

My idea was to create drafts that ranged from more concrete to more abstract in design. The first sketch is simple, combining the two letters with no other elements in order to increase legibility. The second sketch is much like the first one but adds some design elements like the wrench and bolts. The third sketch is pretty abstract. It still combines the two letters but the “M” is not noticeable enough and may lead to confusion. Ultimately, we decided on the second design. It’s clean and modern but is still legible without a second look.

After arriving at the final form, I started to apply color. We decided on this blue in order to stand out from some of the competition, who use more warm colors. The blue is inviting and fun while the black color symbolizes professionalism and experience. Here is the final logo, along with some mockups I put together to show how the logo would be used. I also created a pattern that could be used with the shop’s marketing materials. The pattern takes the bolt shape used in the ampersand (&) in the logo and combines the shapes in rows. The rows of bolts stacked on top of each other create a pattern that is reminiscence of tire tracks.

B & M Auto Repair is opening June 1st. If you’re in the North Venice area, check them out!