My design process

Every designer has their own process they use when working.

Here I’ll walk you through my process of creating a logo and branding materials.

The brief is the initial sit-down with a client. My job is to capture your brand’s essence and the brief is one of the main tools I use to do this. During the brief, we’ll have a conversation about your brand, what it represents and why you do it. I want to know the “why” behind your “what.”  The brief also serves as a time to set goals and deadlines for the project. We want to be able to look back and see if we’ve accomplished the goals set during the brief.

After the brief, I start the discovery phase of the design process. This is when I’ll research every facet of your brand’s industry to better understand the environment in which your working. For already established brands, a design audit serves as a great tool to find out how your brand has communicated in the past and how we should proceed into the future.

Next, I’ll take the research conducted and start conceptualizing a logo! This will start with creating a mood board and rough sketches of ideas. I usually try to flesh out three solid drafts of ideas and go from there.

Here is where I take the sketches and begin creating the design in Adobe Illustrator. In order to focus on form, I construct a black and white version of your logo first. When the form is perfect, I add color to the design. After some feedback from you, I’ll tweak the design to make sure it’s perfect and start setting up the files for delivery!

The final step of the process. We will meet and I will present the logo along with other supporting materials. I’ll walk you through my creative process and how we were able to solve the obstacles laid out during the brief. I’ll explain why I chose certain colors, why elements are spaced the way they are, and more. I like to justify my design decisions with research and client input that was obtained during the process. I will also have a few mock-ups created to show you how the logo will be used in everyday life. Delivery day is my favorite part of the project because I love seeing the gears start to turn as my clients understand how their new logo will change their business.

My help doesn’t stop after I deliver the logo. I want to help you with whatever branding or design concern you may have. If you’re not sure what file to use or if you just need the logo resized for your Instagram profile, I’m more than happy to help. My main concern is delivering an excellent logo and friendly, reliable service.