Ryon and Matt came to me with exciting news. They plan on opening a class-based gym in Leland, NC. The gym will focus on building a community around reaching individual goals, together. But first, they needed a brand. After deciding on "Inspire Strength & Conditioning" as the name, they came to me to create a logo and establish their brand's identity. 

During our brief, Ryon and Matt conveyed to me that they wanted their brand to stand out against the competition's bold and blocky logos, just as they plan their gym to stand out. I kept this in mind while sketching, as well as images that inspire.  

I started off with a circle, triangle, arrow, or a combination of them with the word "Inspire" incorporated in it. After meeting with Ryon and Matt again, we picked a design to further refine and build upon. 

While researching "Inspire-ational" words, the rising sun, arrows and wings stood out to me. I decided to incorporate some of these shapes into the logo design, along with a circle to symbolize the community the gym cultivates. After sketching a few examples out, I converted the drawings to digital copies and refined them more.

Above are some of the variations of the logo we picked. Ultimately, we decided on the far right version. We felt like it achieved the clean and modern look we were aiming for. The logo also stands out against the competitors' bold lettering and masculine graphics. After adding color and tweaking the design one last time, the final logo was complete. 


In addition to the logo, I created a visual identity guide in order to better instruct Ryon and Matt on how to use the logo and their brand overall.  The guide will help them keep their brand consistent and explains the reasoning behind design choices we made. Check out a couple pages from the visual identity guide below. 

Inspire Strength & Conditioning is opening in 2018 in Leland, NC. Make sure to follow them @inspire.s.c on Instagram. Feel free to contact Ryon and Matt.