Katz salon

Katz Salon -- a hair and nail salon in Fayetteville, NC -- is owned and operated by the shop’s namesake, Kathy Pait, aka my mom! When I started PW Photo & Design, I knew I wanted to take on my mom’s business and capture its essence. The shop has been in business for more than 15 years but has never had a set logo or branding materials. So Kathy (I’ll call her Kathy now because that it probably what you know her by) and I sat down to talk about what she was looking for in a logo. Because I know the brand so intimately, the conversation was easy, but she did give me insights I did not think about.


Soon after, I began to work. I first started by sketching out ideas on paper -- something like a brain dump. Below are some of my sketches. I decided on the rightmost sketch and went to work on the computer.

Ultimately, this draft was a little too contemporary and modern for Kathy, so I went a different route. I liked the form and concept of the logo we had at this point but Kathy wanted a brush to be used instead of scissors. After adapting the logo to fit these needs, the next draft I created turned out like the one below.

I showed this to Kathy and she loved it! From there I finalized the details within the logo and added some color to it. The colors needed to be somewhat unisex and not learn entirely to one gender. We decided that this mint green color would be great. The final version of the logo, along with some material mockups, is below.